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It is the third year the Oxfordshire Greentech and Good Food Oxford have held this event across Oxfordshire, inviting organisations and individuals to get involved and Switch Up their Lunch.

To support the initiative, you can pledge on behalf of yourself or your team pledge below.



Because eating less meat is nearly always better for your carbon footprint.

If we all switch out our lunch, we can save 73 tonnes of CO2e a day (across the University community of 40,000 people)*.

How to get involved

On 14 June, the Beyond Ordinary University cafes will serve a special menu with a variety of exciting vegetarian meals. If you order to takeaway, you will get a discount on the Yoyo App – or alternatively, you can visit the cafes at the University Club or Richard Doll Building.

Also joining the initiative are Saïd Business School and Museum of Natural History cafes, as well as the following colleges: Balliol, Brasenose, Green Templeton, Kellogg, Lady Margaret Hall, Magdalen, Pembroke, Somerville and St Hugh’s. The Museum of Natural History is also currently holding an exciting new exhibition, ‘Meat the Future’, focusing on how meat-eating affects the planet.

You can still take part if you are working from home – this is an excellent opportunity to try one of the recipes from our Sustainable Food Month competition.

If you want to set a team pledge, we have prepared some resources to help you plan a small event.

*Calculating the difference between 5.63 kgCO2e/day for medium meat-eaters (50-99 g/d), and 3.81 kgCO2e/day for vegetarian.

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