Welcome to WARPit (Waste Action Reuse Portal)! By registering to use the University’s WARPit account a department or college can post or claim otherwise unwanted items from across the University.

The most popular items are office furniture and office supplies but there is so much more. Using WARPit can really help departments to reduce their purchasing and disposal costs. As well as helping the University reduce its environmental impact.

How are we doing?

Every year we avoid sending on average 100,000 kilograms to waste and make savings of £100,000 by using WARPit.


So if you are relocating, refurbishing or spring cleaning, look no further. Those unwanted items will soon find a new home to be put to good use and you can find what you need without spending a penny.

Who can use WARPit?

The WARPit scheme is open to all departments and colleges and is administered by the Environmental Sustainability team.

You may only use WARPit for collegiate University property and items must stay the property of the collegiate University - so the system is not for staff or students' personal use or personal items. For full terms and conditions please visit WARPit. We are also unable to organise the collection or delivery of items. To arrange this, please contact your Building Manager or FM Manager

There are many small but impactful actions you can take in your department to create a culture of sustainability. Signing up to WARPit is definitely one of the easiest!

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Why use WARPit?

We encourage staff to use WARPIT because it:

  • saves your department or college money
  • saves your time
  • avoids disposal costs  
  • re-uses surplus or redundant resources
  • avoids the need for purchase orders (POs) or quotes – everything is free
  • reduces waste and environmental impacts.

Items on the system include but are not limited to:

  • office furniture and equipment         
  • stationery and supplies          
  • accessories
  • storage furniture        
  • printer consumables  
  • laboratory equipment.

To register, sign up on the University of Oxford's page on the WARPit website. 


Once your account is active, you can:

  • search for items
  • add or claim items
  • create a wish list to be notified when new items are added.
Your 'how to' guide

The WARPit portal is easy to use and helps the University reduce waste. It helps cut both our procurement and waste disposal costs.

Follow these steps

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  1. Go to the Oxford University WARPit page
  2. Hit the green Register Now button to the bottom left
  3. Fill in your details using your work information
  4. Read and agree to the terms and conditions (you will receive an acknowledgment email)
  5. Await approval (you will receive an email with log on instructions).

You will need to be logged in to complete any of the following actions below.


  1. Select add an item in the left-hand menu or quick add to the right
  2. Pick a category and subcategory. If your category is not there select other
  3. Add as much detail as possible. Use the free text box to add specifics
  4. Add a deadline for the last date the item can be claimed
  5. You may either upload an image or select a stock library image
  • Items available within the University will be visible on your account landing page. A search bar is available in the very top right corner. Clicking on the orange ‘items in my network’ can also provide a useful view.
  • Browse items, clicking on them for more details.
  1. Hit the claim button on the item’s page. This will send a message to the owner.
  2. If you need to know more, use the Ask a Question facility.
  3. You will receive an email with further instructions.

The system will send you a reminder to pick up an item until you change the status of the item to collect. Please do this via the WARPit regular roundup message or via the menu on the left-hand side.

  • If you cannot find an item you are looking for, add it to your wish list. This is located in the menu to the left.
  • You will then be notified if the item becomes available.

A regular roundup of activity is sent to members. By default, this is sent every day. If you prefer you can switch to a weekly notification, or turn them off altogether. You can change settings from the ‘Notification’ menu found on the left.


To raise awareness of WARPit in your department, building or college please download and share the following:




For more support to promote WARPIT please visit our Resources page.

For any other support or queries about WARPIT, including effective emails and tweets, please email sustainability@admin.ox.ac.uk.

Personal items

You may only use WARPit for collegiate University property. It is not for personal use. 

If you do have personal items you would like to rehome or claim, take a look at social enterprises in Oxford like the Library of Things.


UniGreenScheme is one of the University's preferred suppliers. They collect, store and sell surplus equipment and return a share of the profits to the department. The income returned is 50% of the proceeds of any sale, minus any direct costs. For example, if an item is resold for £100, with £20 direct costs, the University/Department would be repaid 50% of the £80 proceeds (£40).

For more details visit the UniGreenScheme website.

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