Oxford Fairtrade Hotspots

Oxford University and some of its constituent colleges are Fairtrade accredited; therefore, you are already a part of the Fairtrade movement.

You have the power to drive long-term change with your shopping choices. Use this resource to learn which shops are supporting Fairtrade here in Oxford.

Fairtrade products are available in many of the high-street shops. We have put together this Fairtrade hotspot list naming 16 sites across Oxford where you can find a variety of Fairtrade products, from clothing and jewellery to food and drink. 

We hope you find this helpful and enjoy exploring these hidden gems, many of which are independent local businesses.


Name and postcode of suppliers

What to look for

Oxford Botanic Garden

Family friendly Rainforest trail celebrating the plants and growers that provide our Fairtrade favourites

Fairtrade Headington, OX3 9AJ

A range of Fairtrade products for sale

Rainbow and Spoon Boutique, OX1 1HU

Fairtrade clothing and accessories

Fairtrade at St. Michael's, OX1 3EY

A range of Fairtrade products for sale

Indigo, Cowley OX4 1JB

Fairtrade clothing

Y.O.U Underwear, Covered Market OX1 3DZ

Fairtrade underwear

Fairtrade in the Market, Covered Market OX1 3DZ

A range of Fairtrade products for sale

Co-op, New Marston OX3 0LY

Fairtrade food and drink

Co-op, Headington OX3 0BP

Fairtrade food and drink

Co-op, Cowley OX4 3SS

Fairtrade food and drink

Co-op, Botley OX2 9TJ

Fairtrade food and drink

Oxfam, Banbury Road OX2 7HQ

A range of Fairtrade products for sale

Oxfam, Cowley Road OX4 1HU

A range of Fairtrade products for sale

Oxfam Superstore, OX4 2JZ

Oxford Water Tank Cafe and a range of Fairtrade products for sale

East Oxford Markets, OX4 1JP

Cafe sells Fairtrade goods and local producers change weekly

The Market Garden, OX29 4JS

Food, drink and gifts


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Oxford Fairtrade Hotspots

List of Fairtrade suppliers and their locations.


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