Green Impact toolkit changes

We are continuing to update our online toolkit to ensure people’s data is safe. The following changes are being made, which will mainly effect new users of the toolkit:

  1. Bot check – when registering to use the toolkit, there will now be a bot check to prevent spam and misuse of the platform. Before registering to the toolkit, the user will be asked to look at a random generated code on the toolkit and enter this into the box provided.
  2. Restricting movement between teams – Contact us if you need to move to a new Green Impact team – for reasons of data privacy, you can no longer do this yourself.
  3. Organisation registration codes – The University now has a unique organisational code that you will need to register for the Green Impact toolkit – contact us if you need help signing up.

We hope these measures will not cause too much inconvenience; they are being bought in based on feedback from organisations running Green Impact to ensure everyone’s data is being kept safe.

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