We need to talk about it

Graphic image with text reading '26,000 CLIMATE CONVERSATIONS' and illustrations of two people in speech bubbles

The 26,000 Climate Conversations campaign encourages conversations ahead of the UN conference in Glasgow (COP26) in November.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced, yet many people never talk about it. We invite you to initiate a conversation with a friend, family member, or colleague, for 2 minutes or 2 hours! The more people speak about climate change, the more people we have educated, engaged, and working towards a better future.

QR code to scan to download 26000 Climate Conversations conversation starters pdf file

Click the link below or scan the QR code to download our conversation starters relating to several aspects of the challenge and different levels of engagement with the topic. You don't have to be a climate expert. Your opinion matters!


What next?

Once you have had a conversation, be sure to log it on the 26,000 Climate Conversations campaign website.

You can find out more on the FAQs page  and get ideas for additional conversation starters.

About the campaign

This campaign was created entirely by students and recent graduates of the Oxford University School of Geography and the Environment at Oxford.

We built the website, but the campaign is powered by you!

As Oxford postgraduate students, we are delighted that university staff are supporting our student-founded climate conversations campaign. The climate crisis affects us all, and everyone should have a chance to make their voices heard. You don't need to be a climate expert – each of us can make a difference by speaking up and engaging our friends, families, and colleagues in conversations about climate action.

Josh Ettinger (DPhil candidate) and Alexis McGivern (MPhil candidate), School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford