The Good Gardener – end of seeding

The Good Gardener banner - seeding for biodiversity

The Good Gardener campaign took place for the first time during spring 2023 with over 50 teams participating in seeding wildflower sites across University and college estates.

There were a total of 25 wildflower meadow sites planted (including two sites that will be planted in the autumn) covering 15-20 square meters each, on average.

If you have a Good Gardener site in your building or college, don’t forget to update us by sharing photos as it blooms. Environmental Sustainability team @OxEnvSust and use the hashtag #OxGoodGardener.

What else can you do for biodiversity?  

  • Consider your consumption habits and opt for more environmentally friendly options. For example, eating less carbon-intensive foods (e.g. meat and dairy). Eating vegetarian/vegan meals once or twice a week can make a large difference over time! 

  • Buy second-hand and pre-loved items wherever possible, or items that are certified Fairtrade.    

  • Find low or zero waste alternatives to common items like disposable cups and grocery bags. You can even visit a refill store in Oxford to completely remove the need for plastic packaging. 

  • Join student-led nature conservation groups such as Oxford University Nature Conservation Society or Oxford Ornithological Society. You can find a full list of societies on the Oxford SU website.  

  • Volunteer for a local wildlife group such as Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust, Oxford Conservation Volunteers, or Wild Oxfordshire.  

  • See biodiversity in Oxfordshire by visiting the University’s research woodland Wytham Woods, Harcourt Arboretum, or the Botanic Gardens.

More information on growing a wildflower garden