Sustainability Photographer of the Year 2021: the winners

We thank you all for your efforts and hope you enjoyed the process of going out, observing and capturing your own interpretation of the theme ‘Looking forward’.

We will share more of these fabulous photographs in the future.

First place

Lauren Neville

DPhil Candidate in Geography and the Environment, Worcester College

“A Sweet Future”

As the world looks forward to a sustainable future, the protection of keystone species is of utmost importance. It brings me so much joy to sit in a garden and watch my favourite keystone species, the European honeybee, pop from flower to flower. We must all do our part to protect and appreciate the world's great pollinators.

Close up photo of a bee flying towards a blue flower


Second place

Nicola (Nik) Mastroddi

Marketing and Communications Manager, Graduate Admissions

“Wildflower Naps”

A fox naps at sunset by the wildflower garden at All Souls College's property in Manor Road. The wildflower area at the back of the garden has been painstakingly tended by the college's gardener to bring nature back into the property from the adjoining green spaces and nourish its wildlife.

Photo of a fox sleeping amongst long grasses and wildflowers

Third place

Bekki Tordoff

IT Officer, Brasenose College 

“Life Goes On”

While out walking in Steeple Aston last April I went past a railway bridge and stumbled across a group of horses, some of them quite young, standing in front of the words "life goes on..." - a wonderful reminder to persevere and that there are better days to come.

Photo of two ponies in an underpass with 'Life goes on' graffitied on wall behind

Runner up

Gurinder Punn

Project Manager, Oxford University Innovation Ltd.

“Kingfisher with a fish’

As humans take up more and more of the natural environment, wildlife becomes threatened and squeezed into smaller confines. There are a few places around the UK where, with some patience, you can sit quietly in the idyllic countryside and witness one of the marvels of the natural world, the sight of a kingfisher diving to catch a fish and then flying off. The whole event is over in a few seconds but with some care and patience you can be rewarded with some fantastic shots.

Photo of a kingfisher catching a fish

Runner up

Daniel Bowen  

Biology student, The Queen’s College

“Patience and Perseverance”

Heron by the Thames at Christ Church Meadow. While the university moves forward with its sustainability strategies, there is still a long way to go. This requires both patience and perseverance – both displayed by the heron.

Photo of a heron sitting at a river edge