Laboratory suppliers present their environmental practices in virtual event

All our preferred suppliers were invited to present about how they can help meet our environmental goals. Every supplier was given a few minutes to present their sustainability policy and how they can help University customers make their labs more sustainable.

'It was great to see so much enthusiasm on both sides (suppliers and University members) to participate and engage in the discussion,’ said Stefanie Reiss, Sustainable Laboratory Optimisation Project Manager. People were keen to be involved and have a good conversation about sustainable labs.’

‘It was inspiring to hear how much is happening in many of the companies from which the University sources supplies and services, she added. ‘It is also encouraging to see how many delegates are planning to continue sustainability conversations and activity in the future. As an important customer, the University teams must continue to challenge their suppliers on environmental sustainability issues, and demonstrate preference based on these discussions.’  

'I think if we are looking at buying a new piece of equipment, it will definitely be high on our list to look not only how green their product is but how green their company is,’ commented another participant ‘The event was very eye-opening and interesting.'

Over 110 staff members registered to the event (both from Oxford and Cambridge) which took place over a few hours and covered three topics: Equipment and Sample Storage, pipette equipment and plastic consumables, and reagents and assays. 

Out of the members who responded to the event’s feedback questionnaire, more than 60% noted that they would engage differently with their suppliers in the future. 

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