Fight food waste with Olio

Various food items in a food waste bin


Olio aims to put people with more food than they need in touch with people who want to eat it. So for example, if you’ve cooked too much pasta sauce or excess potato salad, you could use the app to offer free portions to anyone who wants to come and get one. You can also use Olio to find a good home for any unwanted packets or tins lurking in your food cupboard, or to take such ingredients off others’ hands. The app is available for Apple and Android devices.

The more people use Olio, the easier it becomes to find either free food or hungry people. The app fits well with the University strategy of minimising food waste wherever possible.

The Environmental Sustainability team are in contact with the people behind the app to explore possible ways for University to get involved and help minimise the amount of food it throws away.


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