A glimpse into the future of air travel

When things are "back to normal", we still encourage all University staff to make flying for business the last resort, even when travelling internationally. 

What can you do instead? Here is a short guide to our travel hierarchy recommendations: Business Travel Toolkit

What else?

An interesting event organised by the Oxford Climate Society:

Flying has become a staple of the modern world, but it is by far the most carbon-intensive activity for people who fly regularly. Aviation is one of the fastest-growing emission sectors, that is also most difficult to decarbonise. How can we continue flying, while mitigating climate change? What does this mean for the aviation industry? Is it possible for aviation to become sufficiently sustainable? And how will Covid-19 affect our attitude to flying and the aviation industry after the pandemic?

Join us on Friday 5 June at 2pm BST to hear from Michael Gill, Director Aviation Environment of International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Executive Director of the Air Transport Action Group; and Adam Klauber, Principal Sustainability and Energy at The Cadmus Group, leader of the sustainable aviation team for Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and previous Head of Sustainable Aviation for ICF.

More information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/251287336215717/