Introducing our new carbon target

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What are we doing?

In the face of an escalating global climate crisis, we have created an ambitious new carbon target - instead of our previous goal of cutting emissions by 33% by 2021, we are now committed to reducing them 50% from their peak by 2030

We face a growing threat of irreversible damage from a changing climate and urgently need to reduce emissions, but our previous carbon target did not account for the growing University estate and was based largely on theoretical calculations. The new one is based on years of practical experience of what is possible, and we are confident we can meet the challenge.

We have already achieved a lot, and many more changes are on the way. For example we have moved to the Passivhaus approach to designing sustainable buildings, increased our focus on behaviour change through initiatives like Green Impact and Student Switch Off, and we are targeting big emissions sources by hiring a specialist project manager to lead on reducing the environmental impact of the University's labs.

How you can help

Use our posters

If you would like to display our new carbon target posters in your building, please contact  Or click on the button below to download.

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'What if…' 

We already have lots of projects and ideas lined up that will help us to reach our target. Of course, there’s always more we can do but we need your brain power to help!

That's why we're launching our 'What if...' initiative. Find out all about it and our big ideas and ambitions in this brochure.

If you would like some 'What if...' posters and brochure for your building, please contact


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what if poster
what if poster

Get involved

You can help make the University more sustainable by joining your building’s Green Impact team – or if there isn’t one, by setting one up.

To learn more visit

Alternatively, contact the Oxford Student Union to find out about their environmental campaigns by visiting